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Kirkland Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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Product Description
Kirkland Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, JUMBO 84 fl oz.
Kirkland Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined, cold pressed and not treated with any chemicals.

For centuries the coconut tree has been called "the tree of life". Virtually every part of it can be used or consumed. In Sanskrit it is called kalpavriksha or "tree of heaven".

Kirkland Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed and never chemically treated during production. Because it is processed in this gentle and low heat manner, all the natural flavor, aroma and benefits are retained.

Coconut oil is versatile in food preparation. Use as a substitute for butter or toast or in your favorite baking recipes. It makes a flavorful alternative for popping corn and is ideal for sauteing vegetables over medium heat. (Hint: To reduce unwanted sweetness, add a dash of salt.) Add to your morning smoothie for natural sweetness and body.

Coconut oil works wonderfully as a moisturizing body butter. Due to its chemical makeup, it is readily absorbed into the skin and has a naturally sweet and clean aroma. We hope you enjoy this wonderful product from the world's beautiful tropics.

Large 84 Ounce Jar
Cold Pressed
0g Trans Fat
0g Carbs
Cholesterol Free
Sweet and Clean Aroma
Great for Medium Heat Cooking
Great Moisturizer for Hair and Skin
1 Cup of Oil or Butter Equals to 1 cup of Coconut Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  1. Protect Your Skin From UV Rays
    2.Increase Your Metabolism
  2. Cook Safely at High Temperatures
  3. Improve Your Dental Health
  4. Relieve Skin Irritation and Eczema
  5. Improve Brain Function
  6. Make Healthy Mayonnaise
  7. Moisturize Your Skin
  8. May Help Fight Infections
  9. Increase Your ‘Good’ HDL Cholesterol
  10. Make Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate
  11. May Reduce Belly Fat
  12. Protect Your Hair From Damage
  13. Decrease Hunger and Food Intake
  14. Improve Wound Healing
  15. Boost Bone Health
  16. Make a Nontoxic Insect Repellent
  17. Combat Candida
  18. Remove Stains
  19. Reduce Inflammation
  20. Natural Deodorant
  21. Quick Energy Source
  22. Heal Ragged Cuticles
  23. Relieve Symptoms of Arthritis
  24. Make Your Wood Furniture Shine
  25. Remove Eye Makeup
  26. Improve Liver Health
  27. Soothe Chapped Lips.
    ይህ የኮኮናት ዘይት በፋብሪካ ያልተጣራ ፣ ጠቃሚ ንጥረነገሮች እንዳይባክኑ ሙቀት ሳይነካው በቅዝቃዜው የተጨመቀ እና ምንም ኬሚካል ያልገባበት ነው ።
    ኮኮናት ለሰው ልጆች ከሚሰጠው ጥቅም የተነሳ '' የህይወት ዛፍ '' ወይም '' የገነት ዛፍ '' በመባል ለዘመናት ሲጠራ ኖሯል ።
    ባለ ብዙ ጥቅሙ ኮኮናት ዘይት
  • ለሰውነት እንደሞይስቸራይዘር ያገለግላል
  • በተለያየ መልኩ ለምግብነት ያገለግላል
    ኪርክላንድ ኮልድ ፕረስድ ቨርጅን ከኮኮናት ዘይት
    ለቆዳ ያለው ጥቅም :-
  • ለሰው ልጅ ጠቃሚ የሚባሉትን ሎሪክ አሲድ ፤ካፕሊሪክ አሲድ እና ካፕሪክ አሲድ የበለፀገና የአንቲ ኦክሲዳንት ባህሪ ያለው በመሆኑ ለቆዳ እና ለፀጉር እጅግ ተስማሚ ነው።
  • በቫይታሚን ኢ የበለፀገ ስለሆነም ለሚደርቅ እና ለሚሰነጣጠቅ ቆዳ ፍቱን ዘይት ነው
  • የቆዳን የፀሃይ ጨረር የመከላከል አቅምን ከፍ ያደርጋል
  • የቆዳን ወዝ በመጠበቅ ለስላሳና ማራኪ ያደርጋል
  • ቆዳ እንዳያረጅ ያደርጋል
  • የሚያሳክክ እና የቆዳ ኢንፌክሽንን ይከላከላል
  • ለጡንቻ ህመም እንደ መታሻነት ያገለግላል
    ለፀጉር ያለው ጥቅም :-
  • የፀጉርን በመመለስ ጤናማና አንፀባራቂ ያደርጋል
  • ፀጉር እንዳይነቃቀል እና እንዳይራገፍ ያደርጋል
  • ፀረ ፎሮፎር ባህሪ ስላለው የራስ ቅል ጤናማ እንዲሆን ይረዳል
  • ሽበትን ለመቀነስ ብሎም ከስሩ ለማጥፋት ይረዳናል
  • ከምግብ ጋር ከወሰድነው የሰውነት ሜታቦሊክ ሲስተም በማስተካከል ክብደን ለመቀነስ እና ቦርጭን ለማጥፋት ይረዳናል
    -ሰውነት የተሻለ ሀይል እንዲኖረው ያደርጋል
  • የጥርስን እና የአጥንትን ጤንነት ያሻሽላል
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