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ዘመናዊ አጎበር (ዛንዚራ) modern Mosquito Nets

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ዘመናዊ አጎበር modern mosquito nets
the best quality simple to fix it with all accessory and best price in town
Mosquito nets usually are used to prevent the spread of diseases which are passed by mosquito bites. Those treated with insect killing substance have been especially successful in the fight against malaria. But, nets now are also being used for catching fish in many tropical areas,
ሰላም የሚሰጡ እና መኝታ ክፍልዎን ውበት የሚያላብሱ
ለመኖርያ ቤት, ለሆቴሎች,ለገሰት ሀዉስ
ለነብሰ ጡር, ለአራስ እና ቢንቢ/ዝንብ/ትንኝ ለሚበዛበት አካባቢ
ግድግዳውን ሳይበሱ መሬቱን ሳይቆፍሩ በራሱ መቆም የሚችል
ቢቆሽሽ አውርዶ ማጠብ የሚቻል

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