Shasho Urban Dairy

Omedla የካ አዲስ አበባ መስተዳድር 10 mins from Ferensay Mazoria
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About Us

We sell organic Dairy Waste (Dung/fig) and a limited amount of Poultry (Chicken) waste fertilizer for garden/vegetables. We are based in Wereda 02, Yeka Sub-City and currently supply Afincho berr Horticultural co-operative and Entoto Park .

በራሪ ፅሁፋችንን ይከታተሉ።

በእኛ ዘንድ እጅግ በጣም ተመራጭ የሆኑ ምርቶችና አገልግሎቶችን እንዲሁም የየሳምንቱን ምርጥ ታላላቅ ቅናሾችን እንልክሎታለን።