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Milly Ethiopia Tours& Car Rental

ጉለሌ አዲስ አበባ መስተዳድር 1000 Alem Bank
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Milly Ethiopia Tours and Car rentals is 12 years experienced Travel company in Ethiopia. We are the best choose for you to take in your dreams and immerse you in this lovely country: We ‘re proud of having you as a customer and excited to offer the best service with the reasonable price. Milly Ethiopia Tours & car rental offers cultural tours, historical, adventures, bird-watching tours, customize any tours depend on your duration of days and also offer car rentals . We 're also fast and reliable for your hotel’s reservation in Ethiopia .'

Milly Ethiopia Tours& Car Rental
Member Since 21. ፌብሩ '21
ድርጅቱን ያነጋግሩ
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