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Enock P.L.C an organization established in 2017. The company is partners with LG electronics and is the sole distributor agent of LG electronics in Ethiopia. It has put its attention on Home Electronics and Home Appliances to comply with the prevalent demand in Ethiopia. With our partners LG electronics, we focused on achieving a customer friendly and a one-on-one approach and thus established the Brand Shops. The company started with just two Brand Shops in 2017, and as of 2020 we have expanded up to 8 Brand Shops. Moreover, in order to expand the business and outreach the consumers demand, we manufacture LG TVs in our factory established in 2019. To meet and satisfy the consumer’s demand, Enock PLC along with our partners focuses on after sales service. Enock PLC has now up to 1 branch for Service Center and is still expanding to be able to reach all of customers. The staff uses the appropriate method to diagnose the defected products to take necessary measures; let it be to fix or change a spare part is not an issue with our competent technicians and sufficient spare parts supply.

በራሪ ፅሁፋችንን ይከታተሉ።

በእኛ ዘንድ እጅግ በጣም ተመራጭ የሆኑ ምርቶችና አገልግሎቶችን እንዲሁም የየሳምንቱን ምርጥ ታላላቅ ቅናሾችን እንልክሎታለን።