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About us

Qefira is an online and mobile web based classifieds platform that offers buyers and sellers a unique opportunity to effectively reach their target audience.

We offer FREE listings to advertisers allowing them unlimited and direct contact to their potential markets. Qefira does the hard work of ensuring your advertisements reach greater target audiences at a touch of a button by leveraging on the Qefira network of associates and partner sites.

Qefira is also available in print circulating over 15,000 copies per month across high value traffic locations across Addis Ababa.

Contact us today to find out how Qefira can help grow your business.

The Internet has become another channel via which advertisers can market their goods. Because of the internet’s versatility, it gives advertisers a good way to reach, engage, and interact with people. Advertisers can produce campaigns that specifically target audiences more effectively than traditional advertising efforts.

Online campaigns give advertisers (individuals & corporates) new abilities to reach:

  • Niche markets with specific interests
  • Broad audiences with a single message
  • Large or small geographic segments.

Listing an ad on the Qefira website is FREE. We also offer custom advertising like online banners or homepage take overs, please contact us for more details.

Stay Safe

We combine Qefira's robust technology and a dedicated team in order to provide you with the safest selling and buying experience. However, we only control one part of the buying process. Here is what you can do:

Safety Tips for Buyers:

  1. Insist on inspecting the product before buying it
  2. Meet the seller in a public place
  3. Inquire about delivery before you make your purchase
  4. It is safest to contact the seller through the provided email section on Qefira. This way we have your contact information and can contact you should we track fraudulent behaviour
  5. Only make the payment upon receipt of the product

Safety Tips for Sellers:

  1. Ensure you upload an accurate image of the item
  2. Ensure you list an active phone number and email address
  3. Ensure your phone remains on, in order to receive calls from any potential buyers
  4. Beware of spam messages
  5. Ensure you meet the buyer in a public place
  6. Ensure you receive your payment before releasing the good or service

How to identify potential fraud

  1. Check out the product and price – is it reasonable or too good to be true?
  2. Are you being asked to pay via unknown payment systems, wire transfer or via upfront payment?
  3. Is the seller trying to prove the authenticity without being asked?
  4. Is the seller unwilling to answer relevant questions, or not answering his/her phone?
  5. Is the seller unwilling to use traceable transport methods?

All Good?

If not, please contact our dedicated team:

Via email on
Via telephone on +251903187321

If yes, then search for an advert of your interest here or log in to upload your object here.


How to post a Great Ad on Qefira

Clear Title: Keep your title clear and concise. This allows buyers who are interested in your ad to find it quickly and easily

Detailed description: Give a detailed description of your ad, highlighting how the item or service you are selling works and how it can benefit your buyers

Images: Upload 3 to 5 large, crisp and clear images of your item. They should be smaller than 2.5MB to allow your ad to load faster on the site. They add a visually appealing touch to your ad and also allow buyers to see what you are selling before they buy

Buyers' Guideline

Search easily: Type in what you are looking for in the search box located at the top of the homepage and individual category pages. Refine your search by selecting the respective item in the menu on the left.

Save your search: Use this feature to be the first to contact the seller for your dream car or job. After refining your search, simply click on “Save your Search and receive Live Email Updates”, at the top right of the search results. You will then receive live email updates if anything new and relevant comes up. Delete your saved searches by going into your user profile

Anything else?

Any more questions - Get in touch with us

Call us at +251903187321
send us an email at

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